Airline: There are flights from Istanbul to Pristina (Pristina Airport-Prizren) with Turkish Airlines (THY) and Pegasus airlines. Morning and evening shuttle services will be provided between Pristina and Prizren for participants arriving from Istanbul to Pristina air port.

By road: Bus services are provided by many private companies between Istanbul and Prizren every day. Please state your transportation preference from the registration section in the menu.

Alpar Tourism
There are reciprocal flights between Istanbul and Prizren every day. Those who wish can travel safely from Istanbul to Prizren with this company.

Altintepsi, Greater Istanbul Bus Station 95-96 Bayrampasa/Istanbul


+90 (212) 658 18 51

+90 (212) 658 35 40

Not: Participants who will travel by air, if they wish, can depart from Pristina and return from Skopje on Monday, 4 September 2023. They can make their hotel bookings considering this situation.