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Message of Congress Chairman

Dear Participants

We organized five international congresses under the auspices of the Anatolian Association of Agricultural Engineers with your contributions in Comrat/Moldova (2018), Ayaş/Ankara (2019), Hammamet/Tunisia (2020), Online (2021), and Online (2022). Now, the 6th International Agriculture Congress (UTAK2023) will be organized in Prizren/Kosovo, one of the sweetest countries in southeast Europe.

Scientists, researchers, and sector representatives from all over the world, from universities and other relevant institutions of different countries, will present their latest research and experiences on related issues and discuss various solutions for agricultural activities worldwide. Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to closely see the unique natural and historical beauties of Kosovo and meet friendly native people in Kosovo.

On the 100th anniversary of Türkiye, we will organize the congress in a meaningful and important town in a geography that has had intimate relationships with many countries such as Türkiye, Moldova, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Romania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Algeria, Morocco and Herzegovina, since ancient times. Scientific and cultural tours of the congress will be held in Prizren, Pristina, Srebrenica, and Mamusha, contributing to establishing academic and commercial cooperation in this geography that shares a common culture.

Eminent scientists and business people, I would like to see you among us at the congress in Prizren, Kosovo, between 31 August – 4 September 2023.

Kind Regards.

Prof. Dr. Turan KARADENİZ
Congress Chairman